Free WiFi

Free WiFi

Free WiFi at Principe Palace

Hotel Principe Palace has WiFi access avaliable throughout the Conference Room, Reception, Lounge, Café Principe, Terrace, Pool Bar, Pool Area and Terrazza Massimo. We are pleased to offer WiFi free of charge to all Hotel guests. A free access code is available at both reception area and pool bar. The WIFI service is also free in the rooms.

  • Free WiFi throughout groundfloor

  • Wifi available at our pool bar and on Terrazza Massimo

  • Free WiFi in the room

  • Connection codes available at reception

  • Connection codes available at pool bar

We know how important it is to keep in touch, so we are delighted to offer our guests free wifi.

"WiFi is available to all our guests, should you need to keep in touch with the office or Family and friends".


Free WiFi at Principe Palace

For more infomation, don't hesitate to contact us.